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1972:Ningbo Sanan Valve Manufacture Co., Ltd.formerly known as Zhejiang Xiangshan Valve Factory, was founded in 1972.
1998:The enterprise was changed from a collective enterprise to a joint-stock cooperative enterprise in Xiangshan County Walltou Town, and was renamed Xiangshan Valve Co., LTD
2003:Ningbo Sanan Valve Manufacture Co., Ltd. was established
2007:Xiangshan Economic Development Zone new plant put into use
2009:Ningbo Sanan Valve Manufacture Co., Ltd. introduced Singapore capital to become a Sino-foreign joint venture. The valve testing center with the most complete testing equipment in China has been built
2011:Be rated as a national high-tech enterprise; Sales exceeded 100 million yuan
2012:Xiangshan Valve Co., Ltd. was renamed Ningbo Sanan Copper Co., LTD. Trademark SA is listed as the famous trademark of Zhejiang Province
2013:It is listed as the research and development center of high-tech enterprises in Zhejiang Province and the undertaking unit of industrialization demonstration project of National Torch Plan
2015:Establish the first fully closed dust-free cleaning workshop in China
2016:The company prepares to establish Ningbo Gates Weifu Information Technology Co., LTD. To create the whole industrial chain of the gas industry vertical e-commerce trading platform - WWW.Myqiti.COM
2019:In 2019, the plant upgrading of Tingxi Factory was completed, and the products extended to the industrial chain and won the certification of Zhejiang Manufacturing "Product symbol"
2020:Was named Zhejiang brand model enterprise
2022:Ningbo Sanan Valve Manufacture Co., Ltd. was selected as one of the national "Small Giant" enterprises.